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Veronica De Marchi

Veronica De MarchiVeronica De Marchi has over 10 years experience providing mental health service to at-risk youth in Southern Brazil. She developed and implemented the CAPSi (Children’s Psychosocial Attendance), a program focused on health promotion, prevention care, social inclusion, clinical, psychological, and psychiatric interventions as well as cultural and social strengthening. As manager of a multidisciplinary team, the program emphasizes children, youth and their families. Issues include mental disorders, youth convicted with criminal offenses, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and HIV/AIDS. The program offers assistance five days a week, through collective and individual activities and workshops.

Ms. De Marchi’s responsibilities included: participating in collaborative meetings with all the partners and agencies involved with the program as well as providing trainings, workshops, cultural and artistic activities to reduce risk factors while increasing protective factors. Through these experiences,

Ms. De Marchi has fine-tuned her skills and developed a solid foundation to implement cultural, educational, and recreational programs for children, youth and their families. As a Board Member of Brazilian Alliance, Ms. De Marchi hopes to contribute to the development of the Domestic Violence Clinic while providing support to families undergoing psychological distress.