Brazilian Alliance will offer tutoring individually or to groups in various subjects including, ESL, Math, Biology, Reading and Writing for students that are having difficulties excelling in school.  We want to instill in these students an understanding that raising their GPA will enable them to have better opportunities academically.  We want to instill a pride of a higher GPA based on their hard work.  As we work on improving their self-esteem, they will be able to improve their grades and share their academic success with their families. Our goal is to give the academic support every student needs in order to succeed academically.  We hope to help about 60 students per year at all grade levels. 

This clinic is very special because it is open to all students in need of academic support.  Brazilian Alliance believes that every child deserves to have the best education available to them regardless of their race and social status.  You are invited to bring your son or daughter to be part of this clinic if you believe she or he will benefit from this program.  We will post our schedule for this clinic in our community calendar.