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Andrew Bartlett

Andrew BartlettAndrew Bartlett runs the Immigration Law Office at the Brazilian Alliance.

Andrew is an immigrant and knows well the route we have to take to citizenship. He originally came to the United States on a non-immigrant work visa. After obtaining lawful permanent residence and qualifying for in-state tuition fees and federal student loans, he studied law at King Hall, UC Davis School of Law, obtaining his JD and passing the California Bar in 2012. While at King Hall he was nominated for the Martin Luther King Jr. Service Award for his work with long-term women prisoners. He came to immigration law through the heartbreak stories of prisoners who had been lawful permanent residents for many years, found themselves in trouble, and then faced removal at the end of their sentence.  If only they had naturalized and made themselves safe.

Andrew speaks fluent French and a little Krayol. He is working hard at his Spanish and Portuguese.