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Adriana Palmeira

Adriana PalmeiraFounder and Executive Director, native of São Paulo, Brazil. Ms. Palmeira has a passionate commitment to immigrants' rights and social justice.  Adriana earned a B.A. degree in Latin American Studies from Smith College and a Masters degree in Public Administration from the University of San Francisco.   She has been working since 2008 to promote Brazilian Alliance's mission and development in the San Francisco Bay Area.  As the founder of Brazilian Alliance, Ms. Palmeira has been centrally involved in developing the Legal, Education, Access to Health and Domestic Violence Clinics; she also actively responds to general community needs and continues to build alliances with key community officials, leaders, donors, and the people she serves.

In addition to directly working with clinics, Adriana has also created partnerships with private medical and dental firms, nonprofit agencies, and law firms willing to lower their costs and provide payment plans in order to serve the needs of the Portuguese-speaking population referred by Brazilian Alliance.  Adriana currently lives in Greenbrae, CA with her two children and is an active member of Marin Emerging Executive Latino Leaders known as MEELL.


Phone: 415.306.6174